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World Cafe Live (downstairs)Philadelphia, PA, United States

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Sunday, February 10, 2013, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
World Cafe Live (downstairs), 3025 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104
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Sadly, this date has passed so tickets are no longer available.


Six local breweries are letting out their inner rockstar and are going to battle it out on stage in a battle of the bands meets American Idol format and all for charity. Each participating brewery has put together a band consisting solely of brewery employees and will be performing three songs. Being it's a brewery based event, each brewery will also have a firkin and a draft line to represent them. The songs and styles are up to the brewery and will be a mix of covers and originals.  However, each band must perform one song that 'pairs' with their firkin they have provided (Think a cover of Peaches by the Presidents of the United States and a firkin of a cream ale: Peaches & Cream, but hopefully more creative than that).

There will be two sets of judges set up: one consisting of peope involved in the local music scene and the other the local beer scene. The music judges will judge the breweries based on their beer and the beer judges will judge the music performances.  Plus, the judges will all have mic's and will be critiquing the performances in an American Idol fashion. In the end each set of judges will chose a winner.  

Each brewery has chosen a charity that they want to represent and if they are one of the two winners, than half of all the money from the ticket sales goes to their charity.  Not only that but TicketLeap has agreed to give half of the processing fees to one of the winning charities as well.  When all is said and done, this event could raise over $12,000 for charity!

Participating Breweries:

Band Name: Yeast Factory
Members: Ian Wallace
                  Mitch Albach
                  John Corado
                  Ron Macauley
                  Rick Anstotz

Beers to be Poured: Trubbel de Yards (draft) and Imperial Stout (firkin)

Charity: The Ronald McDonald House


Band Name: Cold Heathen and the Heretics
Members: Mike Lubieski
                  Chris Lampe
                  Josh Lampe
                  Ian Meussig
                  Oran Tansey
Beers to be Poured: Old Heathen (firkin) and Last Chance IPA (draft)
Charity: STAR--Street Tails Animal Rescue

Band Name: Starsan
Members: Ed Yashinsky (guitar/vocals) 
                  Dan Ruscito (bass/vocals) 
                  Tuck Lentz (drums) 
                  John Fritchey (guitar) 
                 Jeff Herb (percussion) 
                 Jordan Lynch (keyboards) 
Beers to be Poured: Perpetual IPA (draft) and Nugget Nectar (firkin)
Charity: Gift of Life Organ Donation Program (In Memory of Danny Glover)

Band Name: Dirty Firkins
Members: John Bair (Guitar & Vocals)
                  Matt Couch (Guitar)
                  Jimmy Breeding (Guitar)
                 Kevin McGovern (Bass)
                 Clay Jenkins (Drums)
Beers being Poured: Hop Devil (firkin) and Braumeister Pils (draft)
Charity: CHOP

Dock Street

Band Name: Band Full of Trouble
Members: Jesse Stober
                  Roman Salcic
                  James Thorson
Beers being Poured: Sexy Beast (firkin) and Man Full of Trouble Porter (draft)
Charity: Cedar Park Neighbors Scholarship Fundraiser

Sly Fox

Band Name: Brian O'Reilly and the Slackers
Members: Brian O’Reilly (guitar and vocals) 
                  Raija Madson (vocals)
                  Matt Goodall (bass and vocals)
                  Andy Miller (guitar and vocals)
                  Dave Broenstein (drums and percussion)
                  Corey Reid (drums and percussion)

Beers being Poured: Pikeland Pils (draft) and Standard Porter (firkin)
Charity: St Marys Shelter for Homeless families in Phoenixville


Hosted By: Curt Decker (Nodding Head Brewery)


Beer Industry: Lew Bryson (Beer Writer)
                          Casey Hughes (Flying Fish Brewmaster)
                         Michael Ryan Lawrence (Beeradelphia)

Music Industry: Maxx from Black Landlord
                            Ryan Starr


The $20 ticket fee is 100% for charity and does not include any drinks.  The bar will be pay-as-you-go.




Must be 21+ to enter the event

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